How to replace damaged asphalt shingles

Roofing contractor guide to shingle roof repairs

If your roof is covered with asphalt shingles, you are one of 70% of all residential home owners with shingled roofs. Most home owners have had to deal with roof repairs and may know this, but for those who are new to the roofing contractors business, we have prepared this article.

Asphalt shingles are obviously the most popular roofing decision. They are light, durable, cheap and look good. Also, they are fire retardant, wind and weather resistant. Even though they are so durable, without proper care even the most long-lasting shingles wear and tear over time.

roofiing contractor while workingMost roofing problems begin with a leak. Once you locate the leak, mark it’s location with a pencil. Before calling the roofing contractor or attempting it on your own you have to estimate the damage first. Check if your shingles are ok. Missing, cracked or curled shingles could prove to be a problem. Water leaks through the places shingles meet or where the caulking and flashing have been damaged. The cap shingles that cover the top of the roof are also a common place to find leaks.

Once discovered, it’s time to prepare for the actual repair, or call the roofing contractor. Depending on the damage and the type of shingles, you can treat them with a caulk gun or glue them with roofing cement.

If there are cracked, missing or rotten shingles, your only option is to replace them. First thing to do is, lift up the edges of the surrounding ones. Then remove the nails that hold the broken shingle. Once removed it should slide out easily.

Clean the place under the shingle and slide in the new one. Align and overlap it in the same way as the rest, glue it and nail it. Be sure to cover the nail heads with cement and smooth down the overlapping edges. That’s the way roofing contractors do it.

It’s easier than it seems, but it requires some level of expertise and experience. If it doesn’t seem like the kind of repair to do on your own, you can always call Prestige Roofing Contractors. We serve the community in Tulsa, OK and are reachable at (918) 641-4938.