Living in a Hot and Humid Climate? What Roof Do You Need?

Suitable Options for Hot Climates Recommended by a Reputable Roofing Service Provider

If you are living in a region with a hot and humid climate, you will need more than just good home siding or insulation. To turn your home into the ideal energy-efficient living space, you will also need an appropriate roofing system. What options do you have? A trustworthy roofing service provider recommends:

  • Overlays and radiant barriers: This is a relatively new method roofing contractors implement to stop heat and high humidity to enter your house. During the installation process, specialists add foam sprays, elastometric sealants, ceramic-based paints, or recycled waste cooking oil to enhance the sun rays reflection. These roof coatings will really keep your home cooler with a few degrees.
  • Light-colored slate tile: This is an alternative that many homeowners love. Light-colored slate tiles won’t just keep you cooler and more comfortable inside your house, they will make your property look attractive. Classy, elegant, and durable, slate tiles will be a great choice for cooling homes down.
  • Terracotta and clay: Many regions in Latin America with hot climates are using this option. Terracotta tiles don’t just look beautiful but also they don’t retain the heat from the baking summer sun. If you pick this material in a light shade, you will also protect your home from the heat and promote its resistance against wear and tear.
  • Light-colored concrete tile: This is another great option for people living in hot and humid climates. Affordable and durable, you will have a roofing system to boast about.
  • “Green” roofs: What can you say about having a roofing system with living vegetation species on it? No matter how weird this may sound to some, many families select this environmentally-friendly option. Placing a membrane with real soil and vegetation on your system will keep you cool and comfortable all-summer-long.

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