Metal Roof Maintenance Tips

How to Keep Your Roof in a Good and Healthy Condition

Many commercial and residential property owners have chosen to install metal roofing instead of the standard asphalt or tiled shingles, as they are cheaper to install. Most metal roofing systems are made of recycled steel and which makes them both budget- and environmentally- friendly. Their most beneficial characteristic, however, is that they have a long life expectancy (up to 50 years) and are relatively easy to maintain.

If you do not want to experience any major roofing issues, you better take care of your metal roofing on a regular basis by scheduling maintenance appointments with your local roofing company. For those of you, who prefer to manage small tasks by themselves, Prestige Roofing Contractors, of Tulsa, OK, has prepared a few useful hints on how to do it in a time-saving manner:

roofing contractors working on a repair project1. Regularly clean your gutters from leaves and debris, to make sure that your drainage system is in perfect condition.
2. Inspect your gutters for dips and dents which may allow pooling of water in a particular area.
3. Avoid causing electrolytic corrosion. Or in other words do not allow two types of metal to come into contact with each other.
4. If your metal roofing is uncoated, make sure to regularly clean it with an extendable sponge and a bucket with a mixture of dish-washing soap and water.
5. To clean minor roof scratches, you can clean them with mineral spirits and apply some metal touch-up paint on top of the scratches.
6. If you notice some rusty areas, sand them gently. Do not use a wire brush as this may damage the surface and lead to future corrosion.
7. Always make sure to repair any loose pieces of your roof after a bad storm. Don’t forget to sweep the snow and remove the ice on a regular basis during the winter.

For problems which cannot be fixed without professional equipment, you can turn to our roofing company. We can provide maintenance for your roof all year round and we are always open to meet new roofing challenges.